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Welcome to the Focus project!

We are an Infrastructure Provider on the Flare Network, which means that we provide prices to FTSO, and also operate a network Validator. In addition, we are involved in community education, explaining the technicalities of the Flare project. We publish our content in three languages: Polish, English, and Japanese.

On the website, you will find a range of tools, such as the FTSO delegation tool, the FLR token distribution simulator, and the Global Data Provider ranking, which will help you make a decision about where to delegate or stake your FLR. In addition to publishing blog posts and news from the Flare Network, the website also contains guides that will help you navigate the network.

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Flare Network Infrastructure Provider

Welcome to the Focus project

Are you searching for a reliable provider to manage your Flare network infrastructure? FocusTSO ensures a professional approach and commitment to the development of Flare, enabling us to grow together.