The Best Community Ever

Author : Team Focus

It’s been almost eight months since we started our Telegram group dedicated to the Flare Network project. One of our main goals, besides our desire to build, was to share the knowledge that we and the rest of the team had gained through several months of research and monitoring the progress of the Flare Network project. Building an aware, smart, and united community same as introducing a new quality of communication was our goal from the very beginning. A community that, after gaining knowledge, will share it with others and educate new members.

The task was easier for us because we did all the work during a bear market and the number of participants to whom we tried to convey knowledge was not yet so large. Seeing the interest and the desire for education, we built a portal where everyone can find the necessary information, tutorials, the most important news or articles explaining the technical aspects of the Flare network. Additionally, we gave the community such tools as the FLR token airdrop simulator, which predicts the ammount of distribution over the next 36 months of this phase.

The whole thing is complemented by the Bull & Bear YouTube channel, where Radek Zaleski explains often difficult issues of the Flare network or blockchain technology in an accessible language.

By building a community at this stage of the market, we have strengthened its foundations and prepared it for waves of new members, which will surely come to us when the time for a bull market comes.

Our community has proved its commitment on more than one occasion. I will mention here the example of the voting action on the project for an audit conducted by the TokenomiaPro project. The voting was organized by one of the largest YouTube channels – KryptoEkipa. Thanks to the votes and the commitment of the members of our community, the Flare Network project was selected for the audit (more about the audit in the next article). This result shows how much we are an united and committed group.

Another example of the commitment of our community is the action of delegating their funds to our Signal Provider – FocusTSO, to help in its Whitelisting. In order for the vote of a given Signal Provider to count, and thus for it to be able to earn rewards for the users delegating to it, it must be on the list of 100 Signal Providers with the greatest voting power. We call this process Whitelisting.

To explain, a Signal Provider (Signal Provider) on the Flare network is responsible for providing data (prices) from the real market to the blockchain. The entire system works in a decentralized way, as it is based on signals provided by many independent Signal Providers.

The FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) protocol operates on the basis of independent units providing data (prices). FLR token holders can delegate their votes to Signal Providers and thus earn rewards in the form of additional tokens. By delegating our vote to the FTSO Signal Provider, we increase its impact on the final result.

Thanks to the enormous commitment of our community and the trust we have been given, we have managed to get on the list of the most infuential Signal Providers. This means that we can actively participate in providing data to the Flare network and gradually improve the accuracy of our price predictions.

We would like to point out that the launch of FTSO was only our first such major milestone. As a team, we have many ideas that we want to implement. We will share them with you soon. By launching the Signal Provider, we have proven to ourselves that it is possible, and to you that we are here with you for the long run and we want to build one of the best communities.

  • It must be admitted that without you, the wonderful community, the Focus project would not make sense. The launch of FocusTSO would not be possible without your enormous commitment, for which the entire Focus team sincerely thanks and at the same time promises that it will do everything possible to ensure that our algorithm brings you as many rewards in the future. Many challenges and continuous work lie ahead of us.